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“That’s it! I am SO OVER being overweight!!!

…I’ve had enough with sleeping like crap. I just want some energyTHEN, maybe I could workout! I’m sick of feeling motivated for like, a second, and then I give into one craving and BAM! I’ve completely lost all care and control!!! I hate what I look like, and I hate how my clothes make me feel like a fat sausage stuffed in its casing! And the mood swings are no help either. Who can eat right when they’re this stressed out all the time!? Is it even possible to enjoy eating…ever!?”

Whew! I feel your frustration.

There is WAY too much information out there about what to eat to lose weight, or to increase energy, or to reduce stress… It is absolute chaos! And it is no wonder why you’ve tried more than enough diets, only to find disappointment at every end. You still don’t understand food and you’re constantly feeling either deprived or guilty.

Listen, honey: that is no way to live, and you know this.

I know you may be reading this thinking, “Oh yeah, another ridiculous promise to lose weight.” You’ve been there done that. I get it. But I don’t offer just weight loss. Honestly, that is just one of the fabulous benefits that you can reap from what we sow.

I teach simple facts about foods and the roles they play in your body.

It’s not new information. It’s biology. It’s physiology. It’s biochemistry. It’s…science.
And it exists around us and inside of us.

I dig deep.

Your friend went on this diet and she lost all this weight and kept it off. You tried the same thing, and it worked for you, too! But not for long, your weight came back. (Hmph! Typical!) And at one time, you and your husband decided to start dieting together, and while his just fell off, yours barely budged! And after all this, you’re shaking your fists in the air begging, “Why!? What have I done!?!? This isn’t $#@%& fair!!”

Can I tell you something? You’re not your friend. You’re not your husband.

You are YOU! And I want to get to know YOU. What YOU’VE learned about food. What YOUR relationship is like with food. What YOU want your health to look and feel like! And what is going on inside YOUR body!

I do NOT write you a prescription for how many calories you “should be” eating, and to go to bed feeling starving and sad.

Check in with me next week and if the weight isn’t coming off you’ll just have to exercise longer and harder and reduce your portions! No. Nooo, no, no, no, no!

You have one life to live, and you totally deserve to wake up with the biggest damn grin on your face.

This is why I named my nutrition coaching business Fabulous Nutrition. I believe we all deserve to FEEL 100% FABULOUS!! I am committed to guiding my clients there.

And why? Because I know what feeling unfabulous feels like. I know what it’s like to feel like I’ve failed, hear people reassure me I look pretty – but truly not feel it at all – feel out of control, and feel hopeless. I know what it feels like to binge on anything and everything, and not stop until the feelings of guilt and regret set in. I used to drink way too much alcohol and pollute my lungs with smoke. Most days I felt either anxious or depressed. And that didn’t stop until one day *I was SO OVER feeling like crap, and reached out for help from someone.*

And now? I only look forward! What I have now is WAY too good to give up- and it still comes with its bumps and bruises! But you know what? Had I not chosen to sign up for help, I’d still live being stuck after every bump and bruise that life guarantees to give.

You’re still here reading, and that says a lot about your readiness for change.
Let’s chat about how I can help you create your own fabulous life.

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