When I found myself frustrated and concerned with a lack of success from dieting for a good portion of my life I decided to find a Nutritionist.
I found Alyssa Cometto, a certified Nutritionist/Dietitian.  At our first meeting I expressed my personal concerns as well as the concerns that I have of passing this weight issue down to the next generation.
Alyssa listened to my story and began to devise a plan specific to my needs.  What Alyssa taught me was that fad diets don’t work. She educated me on which foods were healthy and which were not. She broke down the ingredients in the foods that I should be ingesting versus those I shouldn’t. I began meeting with Alyssa every week.  Each time I learned something new about food.
I have definitely applied what I have learned from Alyssa in my daily eating habits. My family and I are in a better position and I see the benefits of what Alyssa has taught me.