Meet Alyssa

Hi, I’m Alyssa Cometto, registered dietitian-nutritionist. Buffalo, NY is where I call home –


and like most Buffalonians, wondering WHY, STILL, when the winter hits! But once spring arrives here, isn’t it such a magical time? (Welllll…maybe summer!) We finally get to be outside…for about 6 months! We totally make the best of what we’ve got .

I have a deep love for food, being in nature, having some wind in my hair, and I adore conversations about philosophy, health, wellness, and psychology.

I chose to be a dietitian because I have an inherent interest in how food influences our physical health. I used to think it was because I grew up always with a huge vegetable garden in our back yard, and because my father, who practiced pharmacy, had conversations with our family about health, or because my mother was often dieting. I am sure these and some other factors were influences, but I recall reading nutrition labels as a child, l o v i n g just looking at my dolls’ foods, and loving the Food Guide Pyramid (of the 90’s).

I remember, at maybe 12 years old, observing that base of the Food Guide Pyramid recommending “I” eat 6-11 servings of grains…and as a result, rushed to our bread drawer and began shoving a slice of bread in my mouth!! I remember at 10 years old when I was sick with a cough and cold, I was determined to avoid dairy to decrease the production of mucus. And I remember, perhaps around 13 years old, finding the impact bran muffins had on my bowel movements to be fascinating!

I studied dietetics at D’Youville College in Buffalo where I received my combined bachelor’s and master’s degree in 2011. My first professional job out of college was with the WNY Developmental Disabilities Services Office where, for a short time, I worked as a clinical dietitian helping folks with developmental disabilities eat healthier. While I appreciated the experience (and the state benefits), I decided to move on to nurture my passion with food, and began working with a Buffalo-grown food service company for the next six years. It was there, where my interest in food’s influence on the body and how I can help people change their lives for the better started to grow. As a result, Fabulous Nutrition was born in 2018!

Now, I work with women who are struggling with weight loss, are frustrated, and are confused around food, to help them unlock incredible energy, achieve comfort in their own skin, and cultivate natural, laser focus to live a life they love!!

Don’t you think it’s time to lose the weight, and feel confident doing it? Do you feel like it’s time you deserve to look at yourself in the mirror and say, “Damn, I look good!” Want to kill those sugar and salt cravings, too? How about boosting your energy, putting a stop to the moodiness and bloating, and even get better sleep!?

You only have one life to live.
And you deserve to live it feeling absolutely

F A B U L O U S ! ! !

And guess what? I’ve designed a program to get you there.

Ready to learn more about how I can help you? Let’s connect.

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