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What if I told you that the secret to losing weight is eating three slices of chocolate cake a day?

You’d probably laugh in my face!

But hold up! If those three slices of cake add up to only 1,200 calories, and that’s the calorie restriction you need to follow to lose weight, then why wouldn’t it work?

Well, for one thing, you’d probably get so sick of chocolate cake you’d never even want to look at it again. Sad.

Two, you’d likely be filling your body with stuff that can raise your blood sugars, triglycerides, your weight… Annoying!

Three, you may find that going “Number 2” isn’t very easy. Ouch.

Four, you’d probably feel energized only for a bit after eating, then queue the crash… Ugh. I could go on.

A salad can deliver similar results! It’s no surprise you’re bored beyond belief eating a salad every single day. I’ll bet you’ve lost count how many times your healthy salad has left you starving. And a change in your weight? Cholesterol? Blood Pressure? Yeah right!

I do have a secret to share with you, and that is: eating healthy is simpler – and even more delicious – than you’ve ever imagined.

But you popped over to this page because you wanted to meet me. Right!

I’m Alyssa Cometto, a registered dietitian who loves to eat and celebrate life!20190110_185545

I’ve always had an inherent interest in nutrition. Even as a kid I was drawn to nutrition labels and the Food Guide Pyramid. In Kindergarten, the kitchen area was always my favorite place to play. I adored every toy food accessory to my dollhouses and Barbies.

My father is an avid gardener and cook so I grew up always with a vegetable garden in the yard and have been fortunate to be exposed to a huge variety of foods. After having six children, my mother had dieted often. And sometimes, I took part. Naturally, these influences and interests led me to earn my Master’s in dietetics.

But to be honest, it wasn’t long after I graduated that I didn’t care to eat healthy anymore. I got sick of it. I was always striving for this great health that never amounted to much fulfillment. I was always trying to do things “right.” Trying to eat right, trying to exercise enough, trying to be the best person I could be…I was just never enough for myself…and it got overwhelming.

So I turned a completely opposite direction.

I drank alcohol heavily. I smoked. I ate greasy foods and rich desserts however much and whenever I wanted. I applied an egotistical (or naive) approach to most areas of my life as well and eventually it led me into a dark place. That was where I felt like a complete and utter failure. I had no enthusiasm about my career. I felt out of control and hopeless. When I felt those things, I usually turned to a glass of Sauvignon Blanc. One glass had often turned into several or just finishing the bottle.

It was hard for me to be a dietitian and eat a meal around others. I always felt like I had to be a role model, and when I wasn’t 24/7, I felt disappointed in myself and guilty after eating anything deemed unhealthy.

I was stuck in this love-hate relationship with food so much that I didn’t even like looking in the mirror.

All in all, I really needed help, and not for the first time, I reached out for it. Fortunately, it was just the help I needed to get me out of that six-year long funk. Along with building my self-esteem I was advised to follow a healthy diet.

From being exposed to the concept of eating well for mental health, I realized my interest in the link between diet and mood.

Simultaneously, I was working with a Buffalo food service company where I was Corporate Managing Dietitian and involved with regular communication of health facts to our customers. I became inspired and motivated to improve my own health! 

The combination of practicing behaviors that respected my boundaries and eating healthy transformed my apathetic mindset completely around! 

Through time, I identified my preferred healthy diet and I live by it – guilt free.

I continue to pay attention to the relationships I have with food. I eat for health as well as enjoyment – without justification. And I adore my very own beautiful body!

I believe that if this worked for me, it HAS to work for you, too!

And guess what!? It does work!

I apply this same concept that I live by with my clients. Some of the most exciting things I hear from them is that they don’t miss things like cookies or chips – and they know that if they want to eat them, they CAN! My clients say that they are eating MORE…AND they’ve lost weight!

I give my clients a foundation of nutrition knowledge; knowledge that serves them for a lifetime! I give my clients tools so they can eat without guilt and regret. I help my clients discover their incredible strength. Because we all get one life to live… It might as well be fabulous!!!

Start living your life healthfully and fabulously YOUR way! Let’s connect!!

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