Motivation for a Healthy Superbowl Sunday!

Today I bring to you a special edition post that is supportive of your health goals for Superbowl LIV!

Are you into football?? You’re probably into football. Nearly everybody’s into football! Except for me. Though football and I actually have a lot in common: we both have the same magnetic pole! As football’s on in another room, I literally CAN’T enter the room because we repel one another!ūü§£ūü§£ If by some very odd chance I do happen to be in front of a football game, I’m staring straight into it with nothing happening in my brain.

The Superbowl* is slightly more exciting though, right? There’s music in the middle of the game. People celebrate a little more with chips and guac. Right?

I’m probably offending even more than football fans now! I just want to see how many heads can turn. Hey, I like the halftime shows!¬†I just like to make myself laugh. Nutrition can be soooo boring if you’re not a mega-nerd, so instead of making only myself¬†laugh, I thought I’d include you.

ANYWAY… YOU’RE probably going to be watching the game this weekend, and there’s a GOOD CHANCE you will be around lots of appetizer type foods, beer, maybe some pizza, perhaps some brownies. And since I avoid football like the plague, I’m just gonna go ahead and address this like it’s Thanksgiving Day, because that’s the next best thing I can relate this to! If you’d LOVE to stick to your healthy goals but still want to enjoy a fun game-day experience, here are FIVE FABULOUS tips to help you succeed.

Five Fabulous Tips to Help You Tackle Your Health Goals on Superbowl Sunday:

1. Start the day off with a Champ’s mindset.

1a. Think beyond the meal: how would you prefer to feel?¬†When our mind is on something else, it is hard to focus on the flavors in food and beverages, or how much we’re eating. This might lead to eating way too fast, or eating way too much, and ultimately those uncomfortable feelings like bloat and regret. No one wakes up in the morning and thinks: I really want to feel bloated and regretful later!!! But not often do we wake even considering how we DO want to feel! So think about your end-game (does this count as a Superbowl reference, or is it more Marvel?). Carry that goal with you throughout the day for a winning touchdown!

1b. Exercise!¬†Get in a 30 minute workout at the most ideal time of day for you. (And if you’re saying “never” I can hear you! I’m watching you). I’ll squeeze in a quick shout-out here: I signed up for Boxing & Bubbles in November…don’t know why it took me so long to do so because the price is beautiful, and I’m part of a super supportive, motivating and inspiring community. Not only have I never worked out more consistently than I do now, I feel moved to exercise. And damn it, I feel great! Whatever form of exercise you enjoy – please keep your adult-only thoughts to yourself (oh, that’s just me?) – schedule it at a time of day that’s ideal for you. I used to workout first thing in the morning, but it was WAY harder for me to get into it than working out at the end of the work-day, which is what I do now. It took me a while to find my exercise sweet spot – and it might change again someday – but I urge you to notice what time of day is ideal for you and to seize your exercise opportunity.

2. Get a good night’s sleep. Did you know that getting less than 7 hours of sleep can raise your body’s level of ghrelin, a hormone that signals hunger? That means, the less sleep you get, the hungrier you will feel. Shoot for 7-9 hours – not just this weekend, but every night – to maintain a normalized balance of hunger and satiety cues.

3. Eat a nutrient-rich breakfast containing fiber, lean protein and healthy fat.¬†Although you may think you’re doing the right thing by reducing your caloric intake on this high-calorie day, it would actually do you more harm than good to skip breakfast! You don’t have to eat the very second after waking up, but it is wise to nourish your body with a healthy meal after fasting. And that goes for any day of the week! Purposefully avoiding food despite feeling hungry will lead to a greater intake, including the foods or beverages you wish you would have limited.

4. Get mindful. As you eat, taste what you’re eating. Really savor it. Said another way, appreciate how awesome it is to have the ability to taste food! Also appreciate the ability to chew your food; what your strong and healthy teeth can do for you is a wonderful thing.

5. Limit the alcohol.¬†Aside from adult beverages adding up the intake of low-quality¬†carbohydrates that only leave you feeling bloated and with an unsatisfied appetite, it is likely your intake of alcohol will lead you to poorer food choices (or just poorer choices in general). That might look like more pizza, more wings (if you don’t live in Buffalo, are eating wings even worth it?), more chips and guac (at least the guac is a healthy choice).¬†Just “more” in general; and it really limits that ability to practice being mindful. You can even read more about how alcohol fits into a healthy lifestyle on my recent¬†post, titled Does alcohol fit into a healthy lifestyle? But if consuming less alcohol is not for saving you from your food choices, then it may save you from the embarrassment of lighting things on fire and throwing yourself onto a table.

Enjoy the Superbowl, good luck on your squares or teams or whatever it is you put money into, and go TACKLE your healthy goals like a CHAMP!

*I see that, just from writing about this Superbowl thing it’s serious business! Even spellcheck is into the Superbowl! With this aggressive red line, it said to me, “You do NOT spell Superbowl with a lowercase ‘s’!” Geeezz…

Disclaimer: This has all been in good fun. From a non-football fan to all you football fans, I mean no offense. Have a fun and healthy Superbowl Sunday!!

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