What’s Your Theme for 2020?

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I always look forward to waving farewell to one year and welcoming in a new one. 

The start of a new year is like one big fantastic Monday for me. Nope, not punishment for prior activities; not sleepy, chaotic, mundane or unfulfilling…

Instead: a fresh start! New opportunities! New endeavors! MORE LIFE TO LIVE! New Year’s Day is one of my favorite times of the year!!

I vaguely remember a time when I set generic New Year’s resolutions for myself: workout regularly, be more kind, try harder, listen better, eat better, be this be that…ugh. All those demands eventually overwhelmed me and I decided to ditch the grandiose ideas. Or I just forgot about them completely. Then life settled back to where it was. And that was a problem, because I wanted to move forward… but how?

Roll in New Year 2018 when I set a THEME for my year: it was “Changes.” One word to keep me focused in all the things I was doing. I even sprinkled it into some of my passwords🙊 so that I wouldn’t forget this intention every day. I was able to *change* my life. That was the year I started my website. That was the year I was more loving to myself. That was the year I established my business and got my first FIVE clients! That was the year I decided I’d leave my job and move forward full-time with my nutrition coaching business in 2019. It was the year I ditched my comfort zone.

At the start of 2019, I set a new theme: “Courageous.” Strategically placing reminders for myself so that I wouldn’t forget to be courageous in my daily life, courageous is what I’ve been without a doubt. Last year, too, has been another momentous one…and perhaps why I’ve bittersweetly waved goodbye, yet excitedly welcome in 2020.

In 2019…

  • I started my Instagram account!
  • I kicked off 2019 with a 31-day challenge called, 31 Days of Health, where EACH day through January I suggested a healthy action to take. DAMN that feels like yesterday!
  • I invested in myself!
  • I changed my original website, fabulouslifeadventures.com domain to the current https://fabulous-nutrition.com
  • I decided to stop drinking alcohol.
  • I left my job as a Corporate Managing Dietitian with Personal Touch Food Service.
  • I made connections with other awesome dietitians in the country who are building their own amazing businesses in nutrition coaching.
  • I’ve been to two incredible concerts, Panic! At the Disco, and Muse with my favorite people.
  • I’ve been even MORE loving toward myself, so much that it’s becoming natural to me.
  • I continue to make connections with people everywhere as I eliminate my fear of reaching out.

There’s even more to add to this list. And I’m not sharing these accomplishments with you to brag or receive any acknowledgment for a job well done. My single hope is that this inspires you to go all in for the things you feel in your soul!

I kept my comfort zone a small space for too many years, and I suffered greatly. Prior to making themes for my current year, I didn’t care much about my health…I drank too much alcohol, smoked, and ate however much and whatever I felt like. I often put other people’s concerns before my own, so I paid the price for being so “nice” and agreeable. I ended up overwhelmed, doing things I didn’t want to do, angry, lonely…you name it. You could say, I was wasting my precious life.

Fortunately, I finally realized that my small comfort zone felt tight and, ironically, uncomfortable. And that even though doing something new was unfamiliar, scary, and maybe even hurt a little bit, it was so much more fulfilling to stretch the limits. I gained new skills, new strengths, and new perspectives! I’m gonna say it…



I am finally in a place where I can show YOU how to make healthy changes so that you can experience a similar sensation of fulfillment. Although I wasted some of my precious life, it is a blessing that I had, so that I could develop a rock-solid nutrition practice that serves my clients for a LIFETIME.

I know that so many people are struggling to eat well, strengthen their body, lose weight, or even just be good enough for themselves! And considering I’ve got the qualifications and the experience to lead people through that change, not fulfilling that duty would be a shameful disservice to the world. More precious life wasted. I can NOT bare to do that anymore. Life is an extraordinary blessing, no matter if we define the day as good or bad.

My 2020 theme is ENOUGH. Over the past two years I really have committed to trying my absolute best. Honestly, I have always done this (even during my days of reduced self-care). But I’ve noticed that sometimes I’m at a point where I’m forcing myself to cross every single ‘t’ and dot each ‘i’. I can focus so much on perfection that I end up spending too much time on one activity, meanwhile sacrificing another. Or I lose my cool.

For the upcoming year, I want to focus on maintaining some essence of structure, yet I also want to increase my awareness of each moment. I’ve spent two years cultivating confidence, and courage. So as these are skills I practice more naturally now, I do need a good nudge to chill every now and then. Hence, “enough.”

If you like this concept of setting a theme, I hope you’ll share with me what you’ve decided! Comment below!

And to support you with stretching the outer limits of your comfort zone, I’m offering a FREE 7-Day Opportunity to start the new year.

Each day, starting January 3rd, I will send out a daily task that will move you toward eating well with each meal and snack so you can efficiently conquer hunger and cravings! My hope for you during that week is to build your confidence with food decisions, gain more energy, reduce the bloat, and gain mental and emotional strength.
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Let me know if you’re joining in! I hope you will. I also hope you’ll invite your favorite people toooo! Share this page with them, or send them the link to sign up: https://mailchi.mp/012650c0b329/7day-healthy-and-fabulous-2020-opportunity

Aaaannd if you do feel moved to post any of your progress to social media, please tag @fabulous_nutrition on Instagram, or add Alyssa Cometto on Facebook and use hashtags, #FabulousNutrition and #HealthyAndFabulous2020.

Let’s do this! Cheers, to 2020!!



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