Losing the Weight: Make it Simple and Fun

You would not describe being overweight as “fun.”

Being overweight is literally the opposite of fun! You’re often faced with feelings of discomfort and lowered self-confidence, which in turn is just stressful! And isn’t it hard to focus when you’re stressed out?

First thing’s first: take a deep breath.

I know this is frustrating. But it’s going to be okay. Let me share a tip with you. During difficult times, I like to focus on this one thought that increases my excitement and hope: there is something truly valuable to learn here, that when I do learn it, I will discover a new, stronger version of myself.

Which version of yourself is on the other side of your extra weight? If you woke up tomorrow morning as this other version of yourself, without having gone through the experience of getting there, would achieving that win mean much to you? Probably not.

So at this moment, trust that by keeping your eyes and ears open, you will continue moving toward that new you. Embrace what has worked, what hasn’t worked, and what might work.

I want to pose a series of challenges to you over the next few weeks. I currently do not have this planned to be anything formal, so I don’t have any idea right now how long I’ll do this. It could be very brief, it could be indefinite! Let’s just find out together. I love challenges because they A.) can be fun, B.) identify a specific goal to achieve within a designated time frame, and C.) provide a sense of accomplishment. So let’s get you moving toward that new, stronger version of yourself with a challenge. Are you ready?!

This week’s challenge: Reduce Added Sugars.

You’ve most likely heard plenty of times before, sugar is no good for you. It doesn’t contain any vitamins or minerals, and it just adds on the pounds. But who wants to live in a world without sugar?! How boring!

I hear you! I know the thought of giving up something you love can be so scary.
And that’s why this is called a challenge.
But if you’re ready to lose the weight, it’s time to face those fears.

This is when the true fun begins: discovering what is on the other side of that fear!

If you’re consuming a high dose of sugar regularly, it is time to take some action and decrease your daily intake. Apply two to three of the following challenges to your week. You may want to bust out a journal and note what is unique about your experience.

  1. When adding sugar to beverages such as coffee or tea, reduce your amount by half. Example: if you typically add 2 teaspoons of sugar to your coffee, take it down to 1 teaspoon.
  2. Cut the sugar in a recipe by a quarter to one half.
    Example: if a recipe calls for 1 cup of sugar, add ¾ cup or even ½ cup.
  3. If you regularly consume regular soda, energy drinks, or other sweetened beverages, reduce your intake by just one beverage.
    Example: if you drink three 20-oz sodas daily, drop it down to two sodas daily.
  4. Replace sweets, such as candy, chocolate, cookies, or pastries with the healthiest sweet alternative: fruit!
    Example: if you have a bowl of ice cream after dinner every night, replace it with some fresh fruit.
  5. THE ULTIMATE CHALLENGE: QUIT COLD TURKEY! Be advised, a journal is particularly helpful for this one. Break this intense challenge into a manageable one by taking it one day at a time. You’ll want to pay careful attention to all the thoughts that pass through your mind and the actions you feel moved to take. Journal anything and everything.

If you’ve got an idea that will help others in their journey to reduce added sugars, please share in the comments. And if you love a challenge and are ready to take on your weight loss, enter your email address and first name below. Keep yourself extra accountable and get a friend involved – share this challenge with them and enjoy the experience together!

Have a fabulous day!

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