Helloooo, Summer!!!

It took a long time for the heat to finally turn up in Buffalo, but it is officially GORGEOUS now and it feels soooo good!

What are your plans for the summer? Do you have a vacation planned? Projects around the house? Or do you intend to just take it easy and enjoy our precious sunshine?

I’ll tell you what’s on my agenda: I have seized the challenge and opportunity to leave my day job as “Corporate Managing Dietitian” at a local food service company, to devote myself 100% to my nutrition counseling business! This is my first summer ever, in my entire life, where I will learn what it means to work from home. So far, it’s pretty awesome, writing to you from a quiet, sunny balcony.

But what I am truly most excited about is that I now have so much freedom to discuss all my favorite health and wellness topics with you! I will be absolutely honest though: I was freaking out. I was so confused and nervous about what I would even write! For the past several weeks nothing felt like a good idea.¬†Until I realized this: on one hand I’ve got some topics I am really interested in talking about, but they still need to be processed a little longer.

And on the other hand: I’ve noticed how much I am obsessing over the summer. In regards to your nutrition and well-being, there is – for lack of a better word – a shit ton of stuff to talk about. Here are some topics you can expect to see from me in the coming weeks:

  • Icy-cold beverages, perfect for just about anytime, anywhere in the hot summer air. Besides some super fun drink recipes, I imagine I’ll be touching on some hydration points here.
  • Eating insanely healthy on next to nothin’: a discussion on growing your own food.
  • Minimize food waste: make composting the norm.
  • Effortlessly increase your fruit and vegetable intake: a highlight of several fruits and vegetables currently in season, including their nutritional benefits.
  • Minimal to no-heat meals.

I assure you there will be so much more than this, and if there are any nutrition topics of interest to you that you would love to learn more about, please comment below or be sure to send me a message here!

Stay posted on all the summer fun!

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Happy Summer!

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