Did you know you have a magic wand?

Magic WandI know you may be snorting at this question, but why not have a little fun? Even if at this moment you don’t believe that any of your fantasies are possible, can you pay attention to the good things you feel at the thought of them?

Often times, your dream life seems impractical and truly fantastical because it is starkly different from your current standard. It is simply unfathomable!

But you know what? Change IS possible. People really DO do it every day! To demonstrate, think about how the world has changed in the past 100 years…even just the past 10 years! These changes don’t happen by accident. Humans are strong creatures. And guess what!? You’re human! Yay!

So let me ask you, what do you want to do with your magic wand? Do you want to have more energy? Do you need better sleep? Who wouldn’t love to have more money? Would you grant yourself less stress, bloating, irritability, depression, and uncomfortable feelings….? Will you live every day with confidence, happiness, and strength? Maybe you want to look stunning in all of your clothes? How about waiving all that confusion around food? Oh, the power of being in control!!

Can I tell you something? You really DO have a magic wand! It doesn’t exactly work the way we wish it did, but you have one, and I have the tools to help you put it to excellent use in my 3-month weight loss program, Break Through to Fabulous! 

You can stop selling yourself short now! In this 3-month VIP program, I teach you how to use your magic wand. We start by diving deep and taking an in-depth look at your history, lifestyle, eating habits, and physical activity. We will explore exactly what it is you wish to achieve, and you will walk away knowing what steps need to be taken to make your dreams a reality!

This highly effective program comes with 7 follow-up sessions that are designed to provide you with the nutrition knowledge you are missing. Think of it as laying down the foundation, so that when times get tough, you can’t possibly crumble to your lowest point ever again!

Each time we meet, we will create and refine goals that are possible for you to achieve, so that you aren’t hit with feelings of failure each week. You see, I’m here to help you succeed, so giving you an impossible goal is like shooting both of ourselves in the feet.

One of my favorite perks in this program is your full access to Healthie. Healthie is an online platform that makes attending sessions way too easy! Sessions take place over the phone or through video chat. So if you don’t feel like leaving the house (or taking a shower!), you don’t have to. With Healthie, you have me in your back pocket at all times. With Healthie’s free downloadable app, you can send a message directly to me at any time of the day. And because you are a priority client, your message is at the top of the list.

You know how sometimes having a conversation with someone is so much easier done verbally than using a keyboard? For those times when you just can’t figure something out and you don’t want to wait for the back-and-forth responses, I’ve included a 20-minute check-in call. Schedule it at any time during your 3-months with me.

And who doesn’t love a bonus? I hand-pick a surprise session that is unique to your needs, is fun and interactive. (You will have to leave your house for this one!)

Depending on your specific needs, you may also receive:

  • In-home lab tests,
  • High Quality Supplements

ALL of this is included! There are NO additional fees beyond the program investment.

Do you want to see what your magic wand can do? Let’s chat!

I hope your day is fabulous,


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