Fabulous Life Adventures is Gone!!

My website Fabulous Life Adventures is GONE!!! And that’s a good thing!

If you have been following Fabulous Life Adventures as late as April 12, 2019, you will find that the website name has been changed and that the whole website is completely under construction.

In January 2018, I started a website named, fabulouslifeadventures.com
At the time I was undergoing some significant life changes. I had become aware I wasn’t where I wanted to be in my life. My relationship was in turmoil, I was deep in debt, and I was working for a company that wasn’t the right fit for me anymore. I decided I was going to start taking steps to get exactly where I did want to be. I was beginning to strengthen my spirituality and felt moved to respond to the inspiring and exciting thoughts that popped into my mind.

I felt inspired by my love for writing, my belief that one can achieve anything he or she can dream up, my stamina for remodeling my house, and my desire to help women and men improve their health. As I felt I will one day start my own business providing nutrition coaching, I had no idea what that even looked like without taking ANY steps forward. So I made a website that would support all that inspiration. Fabulous Life Adventures was one big…Alyssa’s Inspirations Soup.

As I expected, that website is now evolving into what it truly needs to be. I have created a new website name: https://fabulous-nutrition.com. Fortunately, folks who are used to visiting fabulouslifeadventures.com will still end up in the correct place. Fabulous Nutrition will be the first thing visitors see so there will be no confusion for those who are here for nutrition and wellness related reasons. I am revising all pages and plan to have those completed no later than the end of April.  AND…that includes my brand new weight loss program, which I CAN. NOT. WAIT. TO LAUNCH!!

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