Love. And Food.

For the purpose of experience as you read the following, imagine you’re watching a cliché romance film. You know those feelings you get when you watch someone sickeningly pour out their heart to the love of their life. Your mind is completely submerged in the most pukey-est love fantasy and YOU KNOW YOU LOVE IT! 😆

“Hey. It’s Alyssa. I just want to say: thank you for being patient with me, and waiting for me while I explore an alternate lifestyle without you. In that time, I discovered how much I truly love you and don’t want to live in a world without you. I want to wake up to you every day. Your aroma is intoxicating. I feel my heart beat faster thinking about you. I love the way you taste. I love the joy you contribute to my life. Never again, will I leave you, for now I know, we’re meant to be together.
I just hope you can forgive me and that we can move past this. I love you.”

Are those love chills shimmying up your back?! What is this secret, steamy sensuousness all about anyway?!?!
I’ll tell you what it’s all about!!!!
I’ve been drinking coffee.

Yeah, and I love that stuff. Hardcore. Hahaha! Am I freaking you out yet???

Last year around this time I embarked on a caffeinated coffee-free lifestyle for a variety of reasons. I actually titled my post Coffee is Great but Freedom is Better. I don’t even know what to think about this!! While, honestly, I would adore it if I could skip a day when I’m just not feeling like having any and not suffer the consequences, there just aren’t that many days I don’t feel like having any! Please see my above love confession. It’s 100% true.

I felt moved to write about this because I believe some follow up from this “journey” would be valuable. Side note: it also applies exactly to why my website is titled Fabulous Life Adventures. Many folks associate adventure with extreme activity such as climbing snowy mountains, swimming with sharks or sky diving, and while those are most certainly adventurous, every single day of life is an adventure – from the most boring and mundane to the exciting new experiences. If you are open to viewing your life from God’s (or whomever/whatever you believe in) point of view, you can see how incredibly exciting your life is!

So I went through nearly a year’s worth of adventure exploring my relationship with coffee. I had completely given up the caffeinated stuff, occasionally drinking decaf, for a good three months. Once I hit that length of time, which was right around my thirtieth birthday, I decided to treat myself to the real stuff once a month. Then eventually it became once a week. Then I would “overindulge” on the weekends, perhaps having a cup or two Friday through Sunday, and I literally had a caffeine hangover when I got into work on Monday. I was totally depriving myself of something that does not seem to be imposing too many harmful offenses (when never missing a dose, of course!). It did not seem to have any influence on my hormones. I also stopped using half & half and instead used heavy cream, which has much less mucus-producing power (yes, I still owe you a discussion on dairy. Trust me, I will deliver). And now I DO enjoy drinking it black! Which means, YES! I DO LIKE COFFEE!!

I was definitely missing it all the more when I had learned of coffee’s anti-inflammatory affects on the brain in a webinar regarding brain health.

Can you feel my passion over this simple beverage? You may think of me as a major dork, and I would not disagree with you! Proud dork right here!

Interestingly, while I was caffeine- free, I was suffering from headaches somewhat regularly. Since I have been drinking it regularly, no more headaches. Hmmm!

So, let me relate this to other foods: chocolate, candy, beer, wine, whiskey, bread or pasta, cheese, a juicy hunk of steak, French fries, pizza, sweetened iced tea, frappuccino …. insert your favorite foods and beverages here!!! I encourage you to go on a journey with your favorite foods or beverages. You know what? It is totally true that if you love something, set it free! Establish healthy boundaries with you and your favorite foods or beverages, know why you love them, or discover that you don’t truly love them as much as you thought! Only YOU will have that answer.

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