Need Some Laughs?

I was in need of a feel-good mood the other day and I turned to some stand-up comedy on Netflix. For a while I had been wanting to check out Ellen Degeneres’ Relatable. I have never seen, or felt moved to watch any of Ellen Degeneres’ comedy, until now. Mostly because I simply haven’t paid much attention to her. Recently, perhaps it was by watching Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee featuring her, I recognized her genuine, down-to-earth character.

I had a feeling that this quality character trait would deliver the perfect, feel-good stand-up comedy I was looking for. I’m glad I finally got around to watching it because it was hilarious! I absolutely recommend you watch it.

I still needed some more laughs though (home life has been slightly chaotic due to a kitchen remodel, which I will report back with later about how to stay healthy (and sane) without a kitchen sink and all the other good stuff a kitchen provides). I needed some more Ellen in my life! And so YouTube, once again, saved the day. Watch her Here and Now stand up from 2003 here.

You cannot deny yourself a laugh from this woman.

Ellen Degeneres

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