31 Days of Health. Day 24: Turn of Distractions

Are you loving these daily health challenges!? Let me know! I’m going all the way to the end of January unless you beg me to stop. I promise, so I hope these are doing some good for ya!

Challenge yourself today to turn off your distractions. You’ve got to say No to the things that don’t matter so much. Are you checking your phone the second you wake up? Are you spending too much time watching TV or looking at social media? Do you allow people or new tasks get in your way of accomplishing an important project at work? Hey, even cleaning your house a bit more than is necessary or working out too much can become distractions. I don’t know what your distractions are, but you totally do.

Today’s healthy action may not immediately strike you as health-related. Turning off distractions, however, does influence your growth in so many areas of your health. Why else would we call them distractions if they were, in fact, contributing to our overall success?? By saying No to the stuff that truly doesn’t matter, we make time for everything else that does.

For all the times each of us have said: I wish I had the time to do this, or, I wish I had the time to do that….we do have time!! We all have the same 24 hours in a day, and…we are all human!! Which means we are all capable of great things just as much as the next person!!!

You can avoid watching hours of TV to incorporate some exercise or create a meal from scratch, getting your physical health into shape. Alternately, you could avoid working out excessively to invest some time in building a business and your financial health.  You might say no to watching the news if it tends to worry you, causing you feel stress in your own life, thereby enhancing your emotional health. Keeping your phone out of reach while with your family or out to dinner with friends is an excellent way to build your relationships and enrich your social health. By saying No to all those low priority things, you open up all the doors to having the richest life you desire! Dream, dream, dream…and get to making those dreams your reality by closing all the useless doors. With that said, I’ll check back with you tomorrow as I enjoy my distraction-free day as well.


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