31 Days of Health. Day 18: Read

When was the last time you read something? Aside from this. Anything you wanted – not something you were required to read? I’m telling you, reading will change your life as soon as you begin reading things you enjoy. For years outside of college, I was convinced I hated reading. Number one, I felt so burnt out from a lifetime of school that I felt it was time to stop reading forever. And number two, I blamed it on the idea that I was a slow reader and had bad reading comprehension. The problem was that my inability to read quickly and comprehend was due to my lack of interest.

As soon as I found some literature that truly spoke to me, I couldn’t stop. If you haven’t been reading, I know the same will happen for you as soon as you discover something you enjoy. Here’s why you need to build up the habit of reading:

Reading gives your brain some mental stimulation! It enhances your vocabulary, grammar, memory, and your knowledge. It also provides a feeling of calmness, which radiates through each one of your body’s cells creating the wonderful atmosphere they need to thrive best, meaning YOU thrive at your best!

It is crucial to exercise your brain just as much as it is to exercise your body. Squeeze in just 15 minutes a day to start. If you don’t have anything on hand, search around for something that speaks to your interests. Check out Amazon, Kindle, Barnes & Noble, or your library. No matter where you decide to go, pick something out this weekend and fuel your mind. Let me know what you choose!

And thank you for reading THIS!

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