31 Days of Health. Day 16: Freeze Leftovers

I’ve got a quick and easy one for ya today: Freeze Your Leftovers!

This may not seem so exciting now, but you will feel that excitement come when you are battling a busy week, are too exhausted to make dinner, are tight on money with very little food in the fridge, or are low on food and you left your wallet with every bit of your money 20 miles from home at your parent’s house… just like I did the other night!!

Life gets stressful, and there is bound to be one night during your week when you need a miracle. Make your own miracles! Get into the habit of covering your weak side’s ass.

Aside from saving you from stress, freezing your leftovers* will also encourage less food waste, which the health of our planet can depend on. Not only do I care for you to focus on your own health, I want you to start (or continue) caring about the state of health of others and for all types of environments. Reducing food waste is one step in the right direction.

Enjoy today!

*Side note: overripe, but-not-quite-garbage-yet fruit can classify as leftovers too, that you can freeze to save for smoothies or other cooking applications.

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