31 Days of Health. Day 14: Make Your Bed

Make your bed. And keep the rest of your home neat and clean. You’ll thank me later, sooo, you’re welcome! And call me when you’re home! Love, Mom.

Your home should be a safe and supportive environment. You need a place to go where you can kick your feet up and rest your head after a long day. Plain and simple, it is a vital component to your overall health. Here’s why…

#1. Making your bed in the morning sets the course for your day. The task is simple and easy to do, giving you a feeling of accomplishment once complete. This feeling of accomplishment leads to confidence in accomplishing more throughout your day. Who doesn’t love feeling #likeaboss at the end of the day!? (Side thought: revisit Lonely Island’s Like a Boss for some added hilarity into your day and – BOOM! You’re on fire!)

#2. Keeping the house neat and clean promotes strong physical health. Simply think of these associations: dust and your lungs; bacteria on toilets, tubs or dining surfaces and your mouth; and xenoestrogens brought inside from the soles of shoes and hormones. When your home is clean, you breathe more easily, reduce frequency of getting sick, and encourage balanced hormones.

#3. The act of cleaning the house can improve your concentration and may even double as a form of active meditation –taking it back just two days to Day 12! Making your bed, cleaning counters and floors, washing dishes and everything in between gives your mind something to focus on, keeping you present in that moment…

#4. And when you’re present in the moment, stress levels go down. Remember back to Day 12’s Meditation recommendation: stress is at the heart of many preventable diseases. As much as the thought of cleaning stresses you out, the act of cleaning relieves it. So the sooner you stop thinking about cleaning and just go do it, the sooner your stress goes away, and so does the high risk of preventable diseases…Wow! Magic!

#5. …Also with reduced stress levels, contentment and happiness ensue! An aesthetically-pleasing home is inviting and comforting, and where there is comfort, there is peace.

Now zen out and enjoy today…like a boss!

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