31 Days of Health. Day 11: PAY YO’SELF!

Is it not crazy how quickly Friday comes!? Happy Payday! 😀

I am very excited about today’s healthy action.

By profession, I am a dietitian, therefore the thought is my main interest is healthy eating. By passion, however, my main interest is overall total health. When every aspect of your life is in balance, nothing can stop you. Your quality of life is through the roof. Your energy levels are through the roof. And the sooner you work on every aspect of your life, the sooner you get to enjoy those benefits for even LONGER!

Health is not just about how well you eat and how fit you are. Other areas of health include your mental, emotional, spiritual, and social wellness, as well as…drum roll please, FINANCIAL WELLNESS!

No, money isn’t exactly the way to happiness….but it certainly helps! If your loved one became very ill and needed emergency care that cost a lot of dollars, you bet you’d be feeling safe and secure if you had the funds! Being financially secure relieves stress. But you don’t become financially secure by accident. To be financially secure requires two actions: 1.) having a good relationship with money, and 2.) proactively growing what you earn!

What is your relationship like with money? Do you believe that there is enough for everyone, or do you believe that the only way you’ll ever get rich is by hitting the lottery, or by some stroke of luck? If you believe money is the root of all evil, you will always be sure you never have enough of it – “because you’re a good person!” But it does not have to be like that. Money can be used for good, and it is used for good every day. And since you are such a good person, I encourage you to work on a more positive relationship with money, because the world needs people like you.

Let me ask you, how often have you gotten something that you’ve wanted by simply waiting and hoping for it? Is it working for money? How often have you gotten what you’ve wanted by going for it? I’d like to think you got what you were looking for. So if you want money, don’t give it all away to everyone else first. Pay yourself first!

Don’t go rolling your eyes at this. You’ve got to see how little things grow into enormous things. If you want to grow a tree, you don’t plant a seed and expect to see one fully grown the next day. You must nurture that seed until it pops out of the ground, and continue to do so with each new leaf it grows. If a single dollar is all you can afford to keep for yourself, then do that! Hey, by the end of the year you’ll have 52 bucks. You might laugh at that, but that is a hell of a lot more than the interest you earn in a basic savings account!!!

The easiest way to pay yourself is to work with percentages, and to do it as soon as the money is available! With all that you earn, take a percentage out first for yourself. Put it into a savings account that is hands-off. If you’re first starting out with just a little seed, this may be difficult, but with the mindset of keeping that seed nurtured as much and as often as possible, you will see your money tree begin to grow. Have debt? Set up a “debt clearance account” where you also put a certain percentage away as soon as your hard-earned dollars have come through. This just takes all the thinking and a good chunk of the stress right out of: I don’t know if I’m going to have enough this week!

Go ahead and make some magic happen today.

I’ll see you tomorrow,


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