31 Days of Health. Day 10: Give Some Thought for Food

Hello there, and welcome to Day 10!

Today is relatively simple. I just want you to do some thinking. Think about the food you eat! Where did it come from? How was it made? What nutrients are present in that food? Read a package’s nutrition facts and ingredients label to get your mind reeling!

Food for Thought #1. I recommend looking at the ingredients first. The nutrition facts give an estimate of how many macronutrients are present, along with a few select micronutrients such as sodium, calcium and iron. But that is only a teeny-tiny snapshot! Reading through the ingredients can be very eye-opening concerning what you are putting into your body, and what the nutrition facts aren’t telling you! For example: the FDA does not require manufacturers to indicate Trans Fat on the nutrition facts label if it is less than 0.5g. Unfortunately, you then think you’re making a healthier choice because Trans Fat says 0g, meanwhile there is actually 0.4g and you choose to eat 3 servings, taking in 1.2g of Trans Fat. How the hell are you supposed to know if there is trans fat?? Here’s your keyword: partially hydrogenated oil.

Similarly, added sugars may be hiding in your food, as they will not be indicated on the nutrition facts label when less than 1g. Again, you will have to look to the ingredients label and look for *sugar* *corn syrup solids* *high fructose corn syrup* *honey* *dextrose* *glucose syrup* just to name “a few.”

Food for Thought #2. I’m going to bring this back to something I noted on Day 7. Stick with food that is closest to nature. The simpler your food, the better it is for your body. Or in other words, the less processing a food must go through, the better. Packaged food needs to be preserved so that it can last a long time. Some preserving ingredients can include salt, sugar, and nitrates or nitrites. You can also find fillers and dyes in highly processed foods. Altogether, the more processed a food, the more sugar, unhealthy fats, sodium, or possibly carcinogenic ingredients you will find.

Give your body some much needed love, and keep your intake of jarred, boxed, bagged, and frozen foods to a minimum! Sure, this might threaten your available time if you typically like the convenience of these foods, but remember that all things are temporary, embrace the adventure, and explore what other benefits are available to you on the other side!!

Let me know in the comments what chain-reaction thoughts you had with today’s health challenge!

Happy Thursday,

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