31 Days of Health. Day 8: Get Your Vitamin D

Get your vitamin D for Day 8!

This can be a tough one. Vitamin D is not present in many foods. You may have heard this micronutrient referred to as “the sunshine vitamin,” as exposure of our skin to the sunlight’s UVB rays stimulate the production of vitamin D!

Although it is not present in so many foods, here are a few you can depend on:

  • 4oz Salmon contains 128% of our daily recommended intake (DRI)
  • 3oz Sardines – 40% DRI
  • 4oz Tuna – 23% DRI
  • 1 Egg – 10% DRI
  • ½ cup Shiitake Mushrooms – 5%

Most milks and yogurt are also excellent sources of vitamin D, due to fortification. However, Day 8 is about vitamin D, and not about if milk and yogurt are good or bad. We can save that for another day 😊 If you eat milk and yogurt, then hooray! You’re getting vitamin D!

I will add onto that though, and point out that vitamin D is fat-soluble, meaning your body will absorb it best when it is in the presence of fat. So, consider, if you DO drink or eat low-fat or fat free milk or yogurt, without any accompanying fats, there is a chance you will not absorb the vitamin so well. If your body isn’t absorbing vitamin D as well as it could, or your blood levels are deficient, you may not absorb calcium so well either. Vitamin D assists with the absorption of calcium, and together, they contribute to bone strength.

Other benefits vitamin D provides is blood sugar control and increased immunity. Therefore, getting your vitamin D levels in check may encourage a reduced risk of diabetes and reduced frequency of getting sick!

Unfortunately, if you are vegan, or you just really hate fish, you are not getting enough vitamin D through your diet. Now, I recommend food over supplements. And if you remember from yesterday, food is closer to nature than a supplement is. However, if you do not eat fish, eggs, milk or yogurt, you may want to check with your doctor for a decent vitamin D dose. It also can’t hurt to get your vitamin D levels checked, then come up with a plan from there, if you find your levels are low.

Thank you for following these 31 Days of Health! Enjoy today.



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