31 Days of Health. Day 4: Overhaul Your Fridge and Pantry

Today, I want you to overhaul your fridge and pantry. Just because you have left over cookies and stocking goodies doesn’t mean you must eat them. You have a couple options: 1) just throw them away; or 2) if you can trust yourself, keep them tucked away in the cupboards or freezer and plan not to eat them for a really long time. This comes with its challenges, but considering the time of year, I’ll be fair and say it’s okay and possible. Hey, you can work with me to enhance your success with this!

If you are on the fence of making the courageous move to throw them away, here are a couple things to think about: If you are serious about making health a priority in your life, those things simply do not belong in your home. Your home should be a safe and supportive environment. If you don’t have the strength yet to say no, then don’t set yourself up for failure! Set yourself up to win and toss ‘em. Wasting anything can be hard, so here is a way to look at it. Let’s say, collectively, it all costs $30….Your quality of life is worth WAY more than $30, don’t you think? Even if it all cost $1,000, your quality of life is still worth more than that. Your life is invaluable, so don’t waste time worrying if wasting some unhealthy food is worth it. It is!

If you have leftovers in your fridge that are on their third day and you are one reheat away from hating life, pop those in the freezer. No, I don’t recommend just throwing those away – because future You will be relieved when you’re in a pinch. And if you hate leftovers, I’m sorry, but suck it up. Because future HUNGRY You will be relieved when you’re in a pinch! Redeem yourself for “wasting” chocolate and Christmas cookies by freezing overripe fruit that you can use later in a smoothie.

While you’re cleaning out the fridge and cupboards, take notice of any staples you need to stock up on, and add those to the grocery list for your planned meals next week.

I hope these first few days are fun and exciting for you! If you want more success with your healthy lifestyle, work with me and I’ll help you get there more efficiently.

Have a Fabulous Friday!

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