31 Days of Health. Day 3: Plan Next Week’s Meals

Welcome to Day 3 of 31 Days of Health! I hope you have embraced Days 1 and 2 and are excited for more!

Your healthy action for today is to plan your meals for next week. Start with a “Meal Ideas List” where you will include healthy dishes that you are confident in making. If you don’t have many or any at all, start searching around online, through cookbooks or magazines. Keep a handy notepad on your phone where you can jot down ideas when an idea strikes

Decide how many meals you can, or need to, actually prepare in one week by looking at the week ahead. Also decide what you want your diet to include: do you want to eat more vegetarian meals? Eat less red meat and more fish? Do you want to stop eating so many foods that are high in added sugars?

By designing your diet goals and plugging them into a week, healthy eating habits will begin to take shape. For me, honestly, I plan only about three different dinner meals a week. I cook from scratch, and cooking from scratch and heart tends to take a little more time than “30-minute meals.” My three dinner meals a week lead to reheated leftovers, or I turn them into a different meal. For example, baked salmon for dinner could be a cold salmon salad for lunch the next day.

As you decide on the week’s menu, write up a grocery list that includes all the ingredients you will need to properly execute those meals. And once it comes time to do your shopping, you are well prepared to collect everything your home needs, and you waste no time walking down the aisles stocked with food you don’t need, like candy, cookies and other foods commonly called “snacks.” (I put snacks in quotes because I don’t classify chips, cheese puffs and pretzels as snacks).

Happy Day 3!

Hey, if you have any questions or want to share your planned meal, go ahead and drop those in the comments below! See you tomorrow.


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