31 Days of Health

Why is health so far out of reach? Because sometimes our goals are so huge and far away we think: that’s not realistic, I don’t have the time for that, that will never be me, I don’t have the money….

We get stuck thinking about the dream without thinking about how we can actually get there.

Here’s a hint: baby steps create powerful change. And while change is scary and baby steps are not as gratifying as the big reward, they yield the results you dream of.
But first, you have to want it!!

So with 2019 upon us, start dreaming of better things for yourself. It’s OK to want more, and still be grateful for what you do have! I am excited to announce I am launching Fabulous Nutrition on Instagram on New Year’s Day. It is one of my favorite holidays, because it is the beginning of new adventures…or the growth of others!!! Start your next adventure with me with 31 Days of Health.

31 Days of Health is a free program you can privately participate in. Starting January 1, each day will suggest encouraging actions that will guide you toward your version of a healthy lifestyle. Follow those here on the blog, or follow @fabulous_nutrition on Instagram! Bring in 2019 strong!

Let’s do this!


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