What a Wild Summer

It really bothered me all summer I did not write a single post, especially considering I had publicly set a goal for myself that was left behind in a short time. I’m talking about my very enthusiastic plan to embark on some Farmers Market Adventures . . . every. single. weekend.

Well let me tell you what: this summer has been off the chain (I don’t care if off the chain  is or is not a cool thing to say anymore; I have no other term that absolutely depicts what the past three months have been like for me. Bat shit crazy also comes to mind).

Although hind sight is 20/20, I still feel awful that I claimed, that because I wasn’t getting produce from a CSA this year, I would get it from Farmers Markets each weekend as an alternate/supplemental method to grocery shopping, meanwhile connecting with the folks selling their products, and sharing with you what I found, what I did with it, and some tips for navigating your way through the market. I think I visited the market a total of three or four times this year, and yes, only wrote about one. Because honestly, I couldn’t write about much.

Number one, like many people this year, I was way anxious for winter to be over and I was ready to get outside and do everything I can’t when it is snowing. So when I first came up with the idea of visiting farmers markets each week, I completely forgot it was only May, winter overstayed it’s welcome, and there really wasn’t much local produce even ready yet! It wouldn’t be for a while! When I did visit the market, I found that a lot of things were super expensive (I know, I was enthusiastic about supporting our local farmers, but it is NOT in my budget to purchase a small organic chicken for $25). So oftentimes, I didn’t come home with much to work with.

Number two, I had no idea what was in store for me this year. In May, I was coasting at my full-time day job. There really wasn’t a ton on my agenda. I was so bored I really wanted to leave ASAP. (Side note, I am the type of person who finds work to do, there is no such thing as boredom. I was BORED). Then, in June, I had two enormous projects thrown at me, and they needed to be done by the middle of August. And this did not surprise me – one of the reasons why I do still intend to move on. At least one of these projects did not have to be kept a secret from me. I could have been getting it in motion in January – JANUARY! – and I most likely would not have been sitting around with my thumb in my ass for months. I am frustrated and bitter about it. And this happens every summer.

Aside from work, I was asked in June to be the maid of honor for my sister’s wedding in September.  (It’s next Saturday!)

I don’t ignore my own desires when shit hits the fan. I still needed to fix my closet, and I wanted to get the house painted. I did fix the closet, and I was going to share my accomplishment, but considering my perfectionism, it isn’t quite finished. It still needs a shoe rack, hooks installed, and other organizational items. Perhaps because it is not perfect – picture shoes accumulating in a pile where a shoe rack should be – would be absolutely perfect to share. No, I won’t call it finished, but shit happens, dude, and I’ll get there. I think it is amazing. I couldn’t be more proud of myself. And I guess I’ll save all that for the day I do share my finished closet with you! Along with the fixed and painted hallway that used to be royal blue. It is incredible what colors can do to us. Ahhh, I can breathe now!

Considering how much has been on my schedule on a daily basis, buying and making food was a chore that barely fit in to my day. Even on the weekends . . . ESPECIALLY on the weekends! Although I am doing a lot of venting now, I have a feeling this can spin off into a very helpful post for people who live like this often. I can’t live like this permanently, and I won’t, but I know many people do! Fortunately for me, I have a whole nine more months before another over-ambitious project is thrown at me way too late in the year. I have time to get a word in now with the bosses: I’d really like it if you can give me a better heads up next time. I’m learning, and we’ll see how that goes. And during those nine months, I hope to focus more time back into this.

I’ll close out with a poem I wrote last night:

Some Days Are Hard

Some days are hard
Some days are easy

Some days it’s okay to live
like a tub of lard
Some days, smiling so sweet
is too easy peasy

No one is perfect.
Not you
Not me
Not him, nor her.
Sometimes we all move through moments
with our consciousness blurred

My wish for you
is to feel peace now.
Feel your heart beat
Close your eyes, breathe deep . . . wow.

Your life is a miracle
. . . always has been,
and always will be

Don’t dread so much, my friend
. . . always remember:
Some days are hard,
and others are easy

Have a Fabulous Friday, my friends,

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