Baby Steps

Baby steps create powerful change.

What do you want to accomplish: Lose weight? Pay off your debt? Travel? Have a family? Have better quality relationships with your partner, friends, or family? Start a business? Buy a boat?

If you yearn for something better for yourself, yet shush that voice by telling yourself it’s not realistic, or possible, or worth it  – it is not going to happen!

Your path

Why do we feed the fear? Because it is a safe route to take and we can better predict what the outcome will be. We don’t have to deal with disappointment. We get to continue living in our so-called happy place. So we settle.

Take my virtual hand and say “Fuck it!” with me. It is absolutely uncertain how long you will be alive on this earth, so why waste any of that time remaining in the same place day after day? When you wake up each morning, you get another chance! Yay! Say Thank You! and give it your best shot. Work toward your dream and make it a reality. Why. Not.

Taking baby steps are not often very gratifying as the big reward. That’s why your path may be arduous, but will definitely be amply rewarding.

Start off making any dream a reality by getting specific and identifying exactly what you need. If it’s weight you want to lose: how much and when? What is it you could do every single day – EVERY SINGLE DAY! – to get closer to the finish line? If it’s financial wellness you want to achieve, what do you need to do every single day to build your wealth? Do you crave better quality relationships with others? What could you do for yourself and others? You won’t know unless you do some research. And that is a baby step. Take it. Educate yourself, find at least one person to support you, and live every single day proactively, fabulously, adventurously, and thankfully.

You can make your life one big fabulous adventure.

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