Well This Just Happened…

Picture this large patch of scraped wall. . . . not too scraped. . . ? Ha! (Missed the before photo since it all happened so fast! Story of my life.)


I could use a little work on planning and committing to things. This was not exactly on my list of things to do today. This is where it all began. Two weeks ago:

My Closet.

Notice the configuration of the bars. This is not a walk-in closet! Sure, I can walk into it, but every time I did (had to), there was no escaping hangers hitting me in the head from behind. Perhaps this is not an issue for someone of normal height, but at 5’1″, this has been a serious problem.

All I really wanted to do was change my closet from two bars to one, with the one running along the back of the wall, throw an attractive coat of paint on there, and make the space more functional. Maybe a small shoe rack, or a place to hang purses and scarves. But to paint the walls, they need to be paint-ready, and that’s how all this happened.

Unfortunately I didn’t snap a pic of the closet after I started scraping the walls. But they looked just about the same as the stairway wall, only the closet ceiling was extra loose and had come apart from the lath boards.

All the walls in my house, with the exception of those that were torn down to open up the kitchen a little more, are plaster and lath. For quite some time, not my favorite, I previously preferred drywall. Though after a little Pinterest research, I’m at peace with the plaster and lath. Besides, what it takes to repair a little hole in the wall really is not that bad. I will choose this over washing dishes any day!

For this particular job, all that has been needed is joint compound and two trowels: a 12-inch and a 6-inch.


Fortunately for me, I had a little help from Jim (my daughter’s father) who showed me how to do it. It is simply a matter of applying it with the 6-inch trowel, and smoothing it out with the 12-inch. But it is a process that requires continued, thin applications until the holes are dry, filled in and flush with the wall.

So as I was getting a little practice with small screw holes throughout the house, I remembered a few years ago when we were moving a queen-size mattress upstairs:

The stairway could not accommodate this mattress, but what were we going to do with it? It was relatively new and it was going upstairs! We jammed it around a tight corner, causing a small portion of the wall’s surface to crack. So I hung some pictures over it.

Today I took the pictures down to feed more of my compulsion to repair the walls. Lo and behold, this wall was begging for me to scrape the hell out of it too! It just kept going! Yet Jim’s voice kept repeating in my head: “You gotta know when to stop.”

Basically when it doesn’t scrape off easily anymore? Right? I hope? Ha!

I’m confident it will all turn out A-OK. The new surface will not look the same as the surrounding, but at least there won’t be any holes! And with a fresh new color on the walls – Oh! She’s going to look gorg! . . . Until the mattress has to leave the house.


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