Dinner Fail

ToFailday I made THE most disappointing dinner! I had this idea in mind for about a month now: Stuffed Cabbage Rolls in the crock pot. Just writing the words stuffed cabbage doesn’t even sound appealing, why would I hold onto that idea for longer than a week? I’m not even a huge fan of cabbage, but I’ll eat it.

When I had initially planned to make this meal there was only one head of cabbage left at the store and it was huge. I didn’t want to feel compelled to eat an absurd amount of cabbage before it went bad.
Ew. Can you smell my house now?

Now that St. Patty’s day is upon us there is an ample supply of cabbage at the grocery store so I grabbed a head the other night.

I decided to prep these before work this morning. I had them in the crock pot by 7:00 and they had to cook on low for 8-10 hours. I was SO looking forward to having dinner waiting for me at home after work!

Dude…… they were DIS-GUS-TING!

I don’t usually throw food away, but I very well may be doing that with these if I don’t come up with a decent soup to make from it. Any other ideas???

At least I had a baked sweet potato left over from last night. The best part of dinner this evening was giving the sweet potato to my daughter, throwing a pat of butter over it and in just a second after doing so she said, “Mmm! Butter!” and immediately popped it in her mouth.

The moral of the story?

Hey, sometimes ya win, sometimes ya lose. We grow from our mistakes! While I did lose money, food, and in some ways time (I mean, I did eat before 6:00 PM and hence am doing this, so I didn’t even really lose time!), knowledge was gained:

#1. I think I am done with slow cookers unless cooking something for the specified lack of time is totally acceptable for the food being cooked. For example, tough cuts of meat need low and slow cooking times – NOT RICE! Most rice should never be cooked for longer than TWENTY MINUTES!! And this rice had first been cooked before going into the crockpot, then cooked for another 8-10 hours. Damn, it was mush! Shaking my head hard!!

#2. I hated the recipe I used and therefore will never, ever, ever, ever use it again. Nor do I recommend it to any of you. Apologies to the person who wrote it, but this came from the Fix It and Forget It Big Cookbook.  Instead, by practicing the technique – I have never made stuffed cabbage before – I am now much better equipped to follow my heart with flavors and cooking method for the next time I choose to give this a shot.

What are some of your cooking fails?


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