Tub Surround Remodel – Check.

When I first started my blog this past January I said I’d be getting my tub surround redone – by a professional – in February. Well the day finally came!

First, here is what the bathroom looked like when we first moved in almost 3 years ago:


Ya like those fake wood paneled walls!? Woo! How about that odd splash of orange – which also happened to be painted on the back of the door (and sadly enough is still alive in the closet)!? Those light fixtures, though!

So I do have my daughter’s father to thank for replacing all that nastiness with drywall and an updated light fixture, shortly after we moved in. But I have been living with



…up until this past Monday!!

If only I could find a picture demonstrating a better image of the farm/barn scene printed on this wall. It was a little creepy. Look close, you’ll see a fence and some cat tails. I think it’s just super weird, man. Why??? 

As I was on a cleaning binge with OxiClean one day, it did a really great job at taking the barn and stream off. My intentions were only to remove soap scum. Yet much to my surprise it accomplished way more for me than I had expected! While I am here to show you the changes that have happened in my home, I will make room to say OxiClean works wonders!! A quick check on it tells me it is environmentally friendly too – correct me if I’m wrong. Buy some ASAP! No, I’m not on their payroll.

Now to unveil what I get to take a shower in:

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Yaaayy!! It’s not super fancy, but it is a HUGE upgrade from what this bathroom used to be. You can see the bathroom is currently yellow, but as I decided not to switch out the tub, the walls will be getting repainted to match soon — as well as replacement drain fixtures.

It’s only February. I am committed to making this is a memorable year full of many significant changes for myself, and I know it can be for you, too. The power is within you! What do you want? Is there anything you’ve been telling yourself to stop dreaming about because it’s unrealistic and impossible? Stop that! Anything is possible, and I think you know that whether it’s at the surface or deep down. Always move toward your dreams, and always follow your heart!!!

Now get out there and make some magic happen!! I’m here for you!

P.S. Please be patient with me regarding posting new content between now and March. Since working at my current place of employment, February and March have been my busiest time of the year as I am preparing for National Nutrition Month® in March. I’ve actually made this post happen as a result of procrastinating preparations for a class I will be teaching this upcoming Tuesday!! Obviously I found this to be a greater priority.

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