CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)

Heyoo! So I NEED to get this info out to you now therefore please excuse any potential poor grammar. I really dislike poor grammar and bad spelling, but for the sake of informing you of something I feel very strongly about now, and doing it before my daughter wakes up, I’m not editing!!! Foggetabbotit. (PS, I just edited this line. MOVING RIGHT ALONG!)

CSA – Community Supported Agriculture. All you have to do is google that – or if you’re a nerd like me, bing it (I REALLY like the background photos), whatever internet search engine you please, just look it up in your area. What you should find is a handy list of local farmers that provide you with a season of fresh produce each week. Every farmer is different. Some are all organic, some are not. Some give mostly vegetables, some give a good mix of both veggies and fruit. You may have to pick up directly from the farm, or you may pick up from a nearby pick-up site.

This is an amazing way to support your community, discover new foods you haven’t tried before, know where your food came from and how it came into existence!! You also usually get a really good amount of produce. For me, it takes the whole thinking out of what I’m going to buy at the grocery store. I could spend days thinking about what I should make for dinner next week just so I can write up a reliable grocery list. But when someone puts food in my face and says, “Do something with this.” that is much less pressure on me.

My cousin, Regina, and I purchased our summer share last year from McCollum Orchards, located in Lockport, NY. This farm provided us with U-Pick gardens – in addition to our weekly share bag – where we could pick fresh herbs, flowers, and extra veggies. Ever hear of ground cherries? I did not until last year; they’re not selling those here in our grocery stores. This food was so new to me I didn’t even know how to go about picking it…how would I know if it was ripe?

So here is the verdict, CSA’s are awesome. If you think it will provide you with too much food, find someone who would love to split it with you! I’m not sure how CSA’s operate outside of the Western New York area, but our sign-ups are happening right around now – so get on it!

I apologize for what feels like a total lack of details. If you want to know more, send me a message! Little girly is waking up now, gotta go!


      1. So we split ours with my husband’s parents. Partially because that meant we could see them more often, and partially because there were more options closer to where they lived. I never went to the farm to pick it up, but we had the option of getting fresh eggs or meat too. I am a farm kid so I miss having very fresh veggies all the time, there is just something about knowing when your food was harvested vs. buying it at a store. Having that again without fighting the crowds at a farmer’s market was probably my favorite benefit. Plus I felt like it just kept my husband and I eating healthier.

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