So Excited!

Hello! My name is Alyssa and I’ve decided to start a blog about achieving health and happiness. I am so excited to be giving this a serious shot. I am still totally in the beginning stages, but that’s cool with me. I am growing to like the idea of putting myself out there incomplete – for now – and you can follow along to experience the changes. I hope it will inspire you to produce change wherever it may be needed in your life.

The idea of starting a blog came to me as I was unscrewing a plain wooden board from my plaster walls that used to hold a stairway railing that broke off about a year ago as I was using it to walk down the stairs. -Side note: I think I’ve fallen down those stairs at least four times already in the 2½ years I’ve been in my current home. Once just last weekend!!

I bought my house in May 2015; my daughter was due September 24 that year. When I found out I was pregnant, her father and I were living in an apartment in not-so-great an area with really high rent, that of course was just going down the drain and into the pocket of our landlord. I was pretty sure I needed to invest in a stable place to live for my baby.

The house I chose was chosen in part because my daughter’s father expressed confidence in its potential. –So if you have to venture a guess about the type of house I bought being a bit of a fixer upper, you’re correct!- The other reasons: 1.) I did not have much to put down at all; and after I did put anything down I wanted to be sure I could pay the mortgage each month; 2.) Judging Buffalo’s West Side vast improvement from the time I moved here in 2006 to then, 2015, I hoped perhaps the same will happen to North Buffalo and my investment will be a wise one; and 3.) The taxes are super low! So I bought this very affordable, low taxes, in need of some major changes house in North Buffalo where this part of town could use some extra love as well.

Would I prefer to live in a house that is already beautiful, functional, and put together? Yes and no. I definitely wish I had more than two feet of counter space in my kitchen, new windows that aren’t drafty, perfectly decorated, inviting rooms; and I definitely wish I could just put my dirty dishes in a dishwasher. But at the end of the day: I’m still alive and I am happy this is part of my life story. Learning how to change outlets, fix holes in plaster walls; drywall, and yes – even decorate – have been, and will be, great skills to develop – as well as Fabulous Life Adventures! It feels incredibly rewarding to figure this stuff out on my own. It will be even more rewarding to share these skills with you in hopes they benefit you in one way or another.

Some things I know I will need help. I’m strong – in more ways than just physical – but I certainly have my limits, and help from family and friends makes the task at hand way easier and enjoyable. In February, my tub surround is getting remodeled by a professional – can’t wait!!

So that’s the what that gave me the motivation to start this blog, as I think it was the missing link to other contributions I can give to the world. I am a Registered Dietitian, Dreamer, and Doer. I have been fascinated with life and people, how’s and why’s. While I am still learning (I will be ’til the day I die), I think I’ve learned enough to begin sharing with those who could start and begin to enjoy the benefits of healthy living. More on that another day.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read! Stay tuned for new and improved posts, and of course pictures. Have a fabulous day!!


  1. It definitely is an adjustment to mostly want to just change paint colors instead of tearing down a wall! I am an accountant, so I learned a lot about our house through digging in and asking questions.

    1. Wow! It must free you up to test all your pins though. And if you find it’s a really missing part of your life, there are so many ways you could include it still, without having to live in construction. Hey, I could use some advice on tearing a wall down 🙂

      1. Actually one of the reasons I started my blog was simply because I had more time, and so many ideas to try! My advice on tearing down a wall is: make sure the power is off, and start with a smaller holes in the drywall to see what is behind it! You might just find an old chimney like I did if you have a very old house.

      2. Excellent advice! When my daughter’s father was living with us we had this great idea of opening up the kitchen by knocking out the wall. We didn’t think to consider the drain pipe and a vent would be inside that wall!!

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